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Kamis, 21 Februari 2013

Supplies Barcode Sticker Barcode

Barcode sticker is widely use for retail commercial and industrial use. Most of retail shop, fashion, boutique, stationary was using this barcode sticker size

Label Specification

Brand: GOLD
Origin: Indonesia
Source: Semi-coated
Type: Sticker
Sensor: Black Mark
ColumnsInclude: 3 Columns
Contents: About 10,000 per-Roll

Packet for Barcode Printers 300 Meters

  • 1 Pcs of Ribbon 110x300 Wax Face Out
    5 Pcs (50.000pcs) of Sticker 32x18
    for Postek C168, Postek G2106, G3106
    for TSC TTP-244+, TSC TTP-245+
    for Zebra S4M, ZM400
    for Sato CL408e, GT408e 
  • for others (PLEASE ASK)

Packet for Barcode Printers 100 Meters

  • 4 Pcs of Ribbon 100x75 Wax Face Out 
  • 5 Pcs (50.000pcs) of Sticker 32x18 
  • for Sato CX-400 
  • for Zebra 2824, 2824-Z, 2844, 2844-Z 
  • for Intermec PC4

Ukuran yg tersedia

  • 32x18mm isi 50.000/roll
  • 50x25mm isi 21.000/roll
  • 30x45mm isi 20.000/roll
  • 33x15mm isi 33.000/roll
  • 33x25mm isi 21.000/roll
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